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e-Flame USA

Bring the warmth and comfort of a genuine fireplace into virtually any indoor space with a variety of stylish e-Flame USA products. Enjoy the quaint charm reminiscent of the wood burning fireplaces and stoves of the past. e-Flame USA delivers modern and classically designed portable electric fireplaces right to your front door that will add instant style and desired heat to any space in your home. With an all-electric design, you can create an inviting atmosphere without having to worry about chimney fires, messy ashes, or the hassle of supplying the expensive fuel for a real wood stove. Just place your e-Flame electric fireplace where you want, and let the warmth and comfort quickly fill the room. As an added bonus all e-Flame USA products are cool-to-the-touch so they can safely be used around children or pets.

  • Just Plug It In

    Plugs into any standard
    household outlet

  • Realistic Bulb Lit Flames

    Use two 40W bulbs for easy
    maintenance and replacement

  • Four Season Enjoyment

    Stunning classical design with no heat
    option for visual enjoyment all year

  • Thermostat Controlled

    Temperature regulated heater
    ensures unit will not overheat

  • Save Big on Energy Costs

    Uses 90% less energy than gas
    to produce heat and visual flames

  • 400 Square Foot Area

    Powerful fan forced heater can
    warm a room up to 400 sq. ft.

Free Standing Fireplaces

Enjoy a charm reminiscent of the wood stoves of the past, e-Flame USA delivers classically designed portable electric fireplaces at a price you can afford.

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Wall Mount Fireplaces

Spice up you home with an ultra-slim wall-mounted electric fireplace. Enjoy visual enjoyment year-round with 9-color ambiance options complete with a remote control.

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Fireplace Inserts

e-Flame USA products are equipped with fan-forced heaters that reduce the central furnace temperature. This minimizes costs, making the stove very economical.

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